Welcome to the bustling neighbourhood that surrounds New Standard! Here, every day beams with a new pulse of excitement, entertainment and a handful of untold stories that weave the captivating beauty of the life around this place. Residing in this lifestyle hub feels like a newfound joy that constantly transforms into an enticing rhythm of opportunities. Once mostly known for New Standard, today the pulsating heart of the area is the mixture of the old and the new, the locals and travellers, culture and celebration.

You’ve Got It All In One Place

Around the corner from New Standard, you will find a beautiful blend of world-class eateries, vintage sweet shops, artsy pop-ups, and wine bars brimming with the finest selections. There’s something for your every mood – be it the Greek cuisine on Georgiou’s Kitchen or the authentic Italian pizza at Verdi’s Pizzaria. Take a culinary journey around the corners of our community or capture the lingering aroma of ubiquitous coffee shops. New Standard’s neighbours aren’t just businesses—they’re experiences.

Melting Pot of Culture and Accessibility

New Standard is set in an amazingly accessible location–a stone’s throw from modern public transport links and our spirited city park. Whether you are looking for solitude or vigour, you have the luxury of choosing either within minutes. The city park is the go-to location for many locals, transitioning swiftly from a peaceful morning paradise to an evening hotspot filled with zest and zeal.

Building Relationships Along With Success

The area’s community spirit hangs in the air around New Standard. It’s more than a business – it’s a piece of the vibrant tapestry of the local culture with roots entangled all around the community. And while growth continues, the pace of life remains wonderfully local. So come, dip into our lively neighborhood bringing a standard beckoning for new beginnings and fresh stories to unfold in the area around New Standard.

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