When you step into Codes Dispensary in Hannibal, MO, you’re not just walking into another cannabis shop. You’re entering a sublime comical world where cannabis takes center stage, and Mister Mark Twain himself might feel inspired to spark up a tale or two!

Tickling Your Funny Bone and More

Step right in and let your nostrils become hosts to an orchestra of scents; or as we say – a ‘scentsation’! Be prepared for an amusement park like journey that takes you through dreamy flowers, crunchy edibles and marvelous concentrates. And yes, our staff is just as colorful, possessing encyclopedic weed wisdom interspersed with such puns and jokes that would have conquered even the sternest prohibitionist’s heart!

The Hannibal Codes

Ending your trip, or should we say ‘trip’ at Codes, Hanibal’s pride, do remember our motto – “We find the humor in cannabis, and our mission is delivering top-notch products with a side of gut-busting laughter.” We believe in laughs, not just leaf. They call it happy grass for a reason, right?

So come visit us in person at Codes Dispensary, where the good times continue to roll and laughter is indeed the best medicine.

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