High-quality looks like Round Lake Beach’s very own Altius Dispensary, your go-to for recreational cannabis. Whether you’re rolling into town or rolling one up, we’re here to enhance the fun with natures best green gift.

A Pot-tastic Journey!

From everyday ware to the utterly unique, our collection is enormous – but don’t worry. We won’t confuse you with cannabis calculus; we have an expert team to guide you. They know the difference between your Sativas and Indicas, your wax, shatter, and rosin – to them, it’s a walk in the park.

Altius Dispensary isn’t just a weed store but a beacon of bemusement, a cathedral of cannabis! Right here in Round Lake Beach, IL, we’re breaking down barriers and having a good giggle in the process. So, why not join the high times at Altius Dispensary – budding experts of gaiety. Our doors and our hearts are open to all over 21!

More Than Just Greens

We’re not your average recreational cannabis dispensary and we’ve got surprises at every corner. No judgment, all joy, and perhaps, just a hint of the munchies, come experience the best of cannabis at Altius Dispensary.

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