Embarking on an unprecedented journey in Whitehall, New Standard Whitehall has established its roots firmly in the industry. Opening the doors to a wide array of quality cannabis products, it has become a haven for those individuals seeking a unique dispensatory experience. Driven by a dedicated team of experts, every interaction is designed to be educative, welcoming and always full of quality selections.

Assisting in Health and Wellness

At New Standard Whitehall, our motto is simple – we aim to make positive impacts in our community. And we do this by providing a variety of products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Through our diverse range of salves, edibles, tinctures or smokeables, we offer a myriad of ways for our clients to incorporate the beneficial properties of cannabis into their wellness routines.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

In an industry that is continuously evolving, our commitment to quality and safety remains constant. We work hand in hand with growers who share our mission – sourcing only premium cannabis. Every product is meticulously tested to ensure consistency, safety and optimal potency. At New Standard Whitehall, you only get the best because we believe our customers deserve nothing less.

The Future of Dispensaries

Looking ahead, our aim is to become a beacon of change, pushing boundaries while adhering to the rules and regulations that govern our operations. With a focus on creating a holistic experience for the customer, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve, pioneering new products and services that cater to the dynamic consumer needs. We aim to set a ‘new standard’ in the dispensary industry, where top-notch quality meets unmatched customer service.

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